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Bring the Citizen Trump film to your group! Simply complete the form below and we will contact you within one business day.

Take this opportunity to show a relevant and engaging film on the current news of today. Then host a discussion with the Director, Robert Orlando. Click to read Robert's bio.

In this cinematic feast, we witness Trump, like Kane, trying to escape unglamorous beginnings. A decades-long effort to rise as aspiring Hollywood mogul, real estate player, darling of gossip columnists, casino owner, dabbler in politics, and reality TV star. With each new stage, it was a rehearsal for his role as president.

Truth-be-told, Kane was crushed by scandal, Trump was not. He triumphed above front-page divorces, bankruptcies, unprecedented media attack and political chaos.  Will the election end his star power?  We won't know until November, but with the Citizen Trump film we have our looking glass. 

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Robert Orlando is a filmmaker, creative director and author. As a filmmaker, he has made numerous award-winning works beginning with his mind-melting Moment In Time. As a creative director, he founded Nexus Media, a cutting-edge agency offering Fortune 100 companies innovative messaging. As an author, he offers insight into  ancient and modern history in books and films. His latest documentaries are Silence Patton, First Victim of the Cold War, and The Divine Plan: Reagan, John Paul II and the Dramatic End of the Cold War, which was #1 at the box office. His books include Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe and as co-author with Paul Kengor, The Divine Plan. His latest book, Silence Patton (Humanix Books) will be released on Veterans Day. He’s written numerous screenplays as well as articles on a wide range of topics for HuffPostPatheosNewsmax, and Daily Caller. Orlando has been a guest on TV shows such as those of Eric Metaxas and Mike Huckabee and on CBN, and makes select appearances at colleges and  universities. His films have been shown around the world, and have included screenings at the White House and the Vatican.  His latest works for the screen are Daughter of Mercy, a docudrama series, and a groundbreaking grapho-film, Citizen Trump: A One Man Show coming this Fall. His studio is in downtown Princeton N.J., where he also resides. Stay tuned! 

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